Friday, 2 July 2010

Caysley Update

Well, Caysley is over eight months now and I just realized that I haven't posted an update on her in quite some time. Let me start by saying that she is the sweetest baby ever! She loves to sit and observe and play with her toys and she does not like to be left alone unless she is in her crib to go to sleep. She had a slow start rolling over...possibly the slowest in hisory, it took her six months to finally roll over and crawling is no exception. She is so mellow and giggley...when I try to get her to do things like say "mama" or "dada" or try to make her crawl she just looks at me with the sweetest look in her eye and giggles.
This is what happens when I leave the room. She cries and cries and cries and cries until she falls asleep. Not sure what to do about this. Most people tell me to just let her cry but it is so hard for me to do that and it isnt helping her. I do love it that she feels like she needs me and I know that this phase wont last long. Oh how I love my sweet little lazy girl.
Check out that perfect posture from all of her practice sitting up:).
Eating berries from Great Grandma Ruth's house. So yummy!
And ohh so messy!
She fell asleep on the shuttle on the way in from the houseboat and every time Michael tried to take a picture she would open her eyes and look a little crazy because she was being squished by her life jacket.
Cute toothy drool face, love it!
This girl is so fun in the pool. For about a week straight she hated it and she would get so irritated that she would just fall asleep but now she loves it. She thinks she can swim and pushes away from us when we try to hold her in the pool. I love that my kids love to swim.
Ava is still a little jealous of her little sister but she loves her so much. Ava does not like it when Caysley cries and she will try so hard to make her happy and usually it just makes her even more mad. Occasionaly she will stop crying and play with her big sister, I love it when that happens.
I love this picture. I love how Michael and Ava are looking at Caysley. She brings so much joy and calmness to the family. Ava and Caysley have completely different personalities and I love that they even eachother out a bit. I hope that someday they will be best friends.
Caysley just switched to formula at eight and a half months because mommy was no longer producing milk. She loves formula and sucks her bottles down so fast. My milk supply dropped at eight months with Ava too but she would gag if we tried to give her formula and she got very skinny because she was drinking so much water. I have to admit that formula is so much more convenient but I really do miss nursing my baby.


Aaron and Michelle said...

Caysley is such a cutie! You're so lucky she's not crawling yet... that's when you really have to watch them constantly!

The Eccles said...

She is a sweet baby...but you left out the naked pictures!(lol) Your girls are great, enjoy these years ;)

Lanenga Family said...

The berry picture is just so funny/cute! Glad to see an update on your kiddos!

Bo and Sarah said...

All those pictures are adorable! I love the berry pictures!

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Lovely kids!

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She is so cute!!

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