Thursday, 25 March 2010

Princess Party

We got to have Ava's friend Olive over the other night and we had so much fun. The girls stayed in Ava's room and played the whole time and they didn't fight once! Olive came over in her Tinkerbell dress and Ava was so excited to put on hers too. They listened to princess music and Olive read Ava princess books. I was amazed at how she could look at a picture in the book and tell Ava exactly what happened in the movie. She could even put the princess song with the movie...we were impressed.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sooo Sweet

I just have to say that Caysley is the sweetest baby ever. She is always so happy and she is just a joy to be around. The other day I had her laying in my bed as I was getting ready for the day. I looked over at her and she was sound asleep. Ahh, I just love that little baby face!She has discovered her feet and they are so awesome!
And she has a cute little friend...well, some day they will be friends. I just like this picture.

A not so welcome visitor

This picture gives me goosebumps just looking at it! Yuck! We have been working hard to get the pool ready for summer. The other day Ava and I were out cleaning the pool and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Needless to say it was a skunk. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my whole entire life, no joke. The Poor animal control guy who came out to kill it for me did not have as good of luck as we did. He got sprayed for the second time in two months. He has a really stinky job!

San Fransisco

Grandpa Ace had to have surgery on his neck in San Fransisco. We went down the night before to be at the hospital in the morning to wait with my mom. The surgery went a little longer than usual and the girls were troopers hanging out in the waiting room all day. We went to the pier and saw the sea lions. It was fun but I'm not sure it was worth the $21.00 parking fee...stupid, stupid, STUPID! We were ticked but it was our fault for not reading the signs.
After my dads surgery my mom took us out to get lunch by the ocean. We had the best crab sandwiches ever! Ava loved sitting on this rock looking at the ocean. When we said it was time to go see Grandpa Ace she said, "I just wanna sit on my rock!" She really did not want to leave the ocean.

Riding Classified

I forgot to mention this guy in my previous post. Downtown St. Helena is so cute with nice little boutiques. We cracked up when we saw this guy. He was straight out of China Town and he stuck out like a sore thumb. We had to take a picture of him. We laughed even harder when we saw his sign. He wasn't even selling anything! Any takers?

Michael's Christmas Present

For Christmas my mom got Michael a Hot Latin cooking class for two at the Culinary Institute of America in Calistoga. Back in December I thought I would be okay with the idea of leaving my baby with my mom for a weekend in March. Oh man was I wrong. I knew everything would be fine and I knew my mom is more than capable of taking care of them but I was worried that I didn't pump enough and I didn't know if Caysley would take a bottle. As the day we were supposed to leave approached I was a worried wreck. I took this picture of her right before I left and kept looking back at it the whole trip...I missed them like crazy! I realized that I really had nothing to worry about. It was really good to get away with my Michael for a weekend, we had a lot of fun.
Michael was in charge of the camera...there were about 10 that looked like this.
Just one of the many vineyards we went wine tasting at...;)
I was cracking up because I felt a little out of place. Michael on the other hand was in HEAVEN. The class was two hours long. We got split up into groups and each group had a different recipe. Our recipe was Meatballs in Smokey Chipotle Sauce and oh boy were they GOOD. At the end of class we had a little potluck of all the food the groups made. This is Michaels oh my gosh this is sooo good face. We had fun and got some really yummy recipes that we have been trying out at home. This is Michael leaving the school. He didn't know I was taking a picture. He made me do it too because it was sooo much fun. ...and it was. That is the school in the background.


Caysley is eating food now. Her favorite is sweet potatoes!

Snow Trip

Last month we took a quick day trip up to the snow to play. Ava fell asleep in the car on the way to the snow and when she woke up there was a giant snowman out her window. She was one happy little girl.
We were surprised to find out that sledding was a little bit scary for our little dare devil. Caysley on the other hand loved every second of it.
"I just wanna eat the snow." She didn't care what color it was, she just wanted to eat it.