Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So Cal Trip #2

Day three of our trip was Michael's birthday! We celebrated his birthday in the afternoon because he went to work with my brother in law who is a CHP that night...all night. Michael had a lot of fun on his ride along, he talks about that night every day. I think he had a great birthday.
Day four of our trip we took the kids to a childrens museum so the boys could get some sleep. The museum was in a super cute little old town with a lot of shops and fun things to do. Ava thought this was pretty cool.
Later that day we headed to Santa Monica to meet up with the cousins from Michaels side of the family. We met at the beach and had a great time. As soon as we got there Ava stripped off her clothes and headed for the ocean...shes our little water lovin' baby. Greta was so nice to play in the ocean with the kids, they just love her.
Running from the waves.
I had to add this picture for proof that me and sweet baby Caysley were there too. She is the happiest little baby and she was a joy the whole trip...she always is.
On day five of our trip we walked around the L.A. temple grounds then headed to Michael's sister's house in Ridgecrest. This is a picture of Ava in a cool tree at the temple.
Love, love, love LOVE baby Caysley!
The girls:)
In Ridgecrest Michael got to go on a long motorcycle ride in the desert with Omar. He had a great time and now he wants a dirt bike so bad.
And Ava got to go on four wheeler rides with Greta and Mom and she loved it.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

So Cal Trip #1

Last week we took our very first vacation as a family of four and we had a blast! Ava has been asking to go to Disneyland since Christmas because her cousins who have season passes kept telling her how fun it was. She really didn't know what Disneyland was all she knew was that really wanted to go there. She really wanted to go to the temple where all the princesses live (the castle) and she talked about it every day. We told Ava that if she filled in the whole potty chart we could go to Disneyland. She had to go on the potty 88 times. Each time she went she was so excited to color a roll of toilet paper on her chart. We had been planning on going to Disneyland for Michael's birthday a few months but a friend suggested that we should use Disneyland as motivation for her to be potty trained. Here is a picture of her chart...not quite complete but it was close.On our way down we stoped at Harris Ranch and had some delicious brunch. My parents use to take us to this restraunt every time we went to Southern California when I was a kid.
When we arrived at my sisters the kids were so excited. The boys wanted to show us all around their new house and Ava was just so happy to be with her cousins.
Day two of our trip we went to Disneyland and California Adventure. We were there for 9 hours and it just flew by. Its impossible to squeeze in everything you want to do at both parks in one day because there is so much to do. We just had so much fun, it was a great day. Here we are on the tram on the way into the park.
The whole Disneyland crew.
Ava's favorite part of both parks were the characters, hands down.
The picture spot.
Ava freaked out when she spotted Minnie Mouse. She chased after her crying becuase she didn't think she was going to get to meet her.
The Teacups were definitely a hit.
Some people think its cruel to put a child in a harness but I do not. The thought of Ava running away in a crowd really scared us so we stoped at Walmart on the way and bought one. She didnt even try to run away when she was wearing her harness. This video is not the best quality but it is hilarious. Kids were surrounding Donald Duck and Ava was ready to meet him. She was on a mission. She said, "It's Avas turn!" and ran over to him cutting all the kids that were waiting to meet him. Donald grabbed her hand and they started walking...just watch the video, its funny.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thumb Sucker

I love it that she is a thumb sucker. I don't only love it because I think it is cute but she puts herself to sleep with it. She is just too cute.
I took this picture when I was in line at the store. As I was taking it a girl said to me, "Excuse me your daughter just stuck something real big up her nose." She had ripped a tag off of a shirt, rolled it up and stuck it up there. Thank you lady!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Here fishy fishy

It looks like we have two little fishies on our hands. Caysely loves the pool so much she kicked and smiled the whole time she was in it.
This girl scares me, she really thinks she knows how to swim. She is going to swim lessons one day a week to get her ready for summer. The goal is to get her swim safe. After swimming we were taking showers next to the pool to get the chlorine off and Ava booked it for the pool and jumped in. I chased after her but didn't jump right in after her because I wanted to see what she would do. She tried to swim to the steps but needed a little extra help so I jumped in after her. Hopefully in a few months she will learn to swim to the edge or the steps to get out on her own.
Soo independent in the pool.
Doing the "monkey walk".
A lady that was watching felt so bad for me because I was taking all the pictures and I wasn't in any of them. She kept taking my camera and taking pictures of me...this is the only one I am willing to put on my blog.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Oh to be two again!

Who would have thought that Ava's bff was a fiery little red head? These two are so wild together and they have so much fun. The other day we went to grocery shopping. I put the baby in the cart and Ava was following behind me. We walked in and she noticed that Halle was sitting in the cart in the checkout. Ava spotted her and they both went crazy so her mom dropped her off later that day so the girls could play. We had a lot of fun.
I love Halle's face in this picture.
Once we figured out how to share the handle, they loved pushing the baby in the stroller.
They ran away from me...
Far, far away from me.
But I got them back by intriguing them with Greta's tire swings. Ava was trying to make a silly face but wouldn't let go of the rope.
Running to the mud puddle.
And played in the mud.
Two year olds are so much fun!