Saturday, 30 January 2010


"There's my mommy, there's my mommy, run away, run away!" (to the tune of Thumbkin) is Ava's new favorite song to sing to me. Isn't that just adorable? One of my friends told me that she is the most mischievous little girl she knows. I like to say that she is just full of life.
Nap time schnap time! I just wanna get naked and climb on my dressers!
How cute are they! I thought they were just playing cute together behind the couch. Little did I know Ava was taking all the moss out of the tree while Kendall played cute behind the couch.
This girl loves makeup and knows just were to put it. She actually did a really good job getting it on her lashes.
Although she is mischievous she has a very sweet side as well. She loves her baby sister.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Cute little cowgirl.

First bath together=nightmare

Ava and Caysley took their first bath together. I think that they were a little too young for this. I was so excited and I had the camera ready to document it. But really, I am such a bad mom for taking pictures of the whole thing because it caused me to take my attention off of Ava for two seconds so I could take the picture. I picked up the camera and Ava decided she was going to pour a bucket of water on the baby's head because that is how mommy rinses Ava's hair. Luckily, I stopped her before she did it...this time.
Next attempt to take a picture. "Ava, only mommy washes baby sister...okay?" I got the camera to take another picture of them, she said okay and grabbed the bucket and poured it on Caysley before I could do anything but somehow I still managed to take a picture. Baby was startled and did not appriciate it at all, my poor baby.
"Ava, only mommy washes the baby!" All she wants to do is help. Sometimes she can be a little too helpful.
She was still so excited to be in the bath with her sister.
Sweet baby after her bad bathing experience. We'll try that again in a few months.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

A merry little Christmas

Our first Christmas as a family of four was great. Christmas just keeps getting more and more fun each year with our growing family. Here is cute little Caysley on Christmas Eve before all the action.
And here is another one of her sleeping right before we went to grandma Maggies.
Three angles and baby Jesus...getting ready for the Nativity scene.
Ava made a new friend. Michael's youngest cousin Kevin played with Ava a lot and she had a ton of fun with him.
The smallest Nativity I have ever taken part in with Michael's family. There werent enough people to have wisemen this year so Michaels cousin and his wife Skyped in as Wise men, they are on the camels back.
Ava helping daddy open his stocking suffers. She was so cute this Christmas. She is pretty bummed that Christmas is over. Today in the car I mentioned something about Christmas and she said, "Mom Christmas is over." She is always listening to us from the back seat. Goodbye Christmas! See you in 11 months.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


December 8th 2009 If you ask Ava how old she is she will tell you that she is twocember (two in December). She started saying that a few months before her birthay. Well, she turned two she still tells people that she will be two in December...silly girl. Its hard to believe that she is already two but at the same time it fells like she should be much older. She is a very fun little girl to say the least. She is so social and loves people and is not afraid of anyone, its actually pretty scary. She loves to push your buttons just to get a reaction. She is so smart. She usues her smartness to get things she wants...for example; the other day she asked me for a vitaman and her asthma medicine. She loves her medicine because it tastes like candy. Without even thinking if Michael had already given her medicine to her I let her have it. As soon as she swallowed them she said, "I already had it today. Daddy gave it to me." Ahhh what a little stinker and oh how we love her anyways. She also has already learned that if mommy or daddy say no, ask a stranger...they will always give you what you want...grrr. Here are a few fun birthday pictures. On the morning of her birthday her daddy was so excited. He went into her room and took pictures of her waking up, they turned out pretty cute.
Ava ran into my room and said, "Its my birthday, I wanna open it!" I had to hurry and wrap her presents because we werent planning on giving them to her until later in the day.
Ava and Halle at Ava's birthday party. We got a pull string pinata instead of the kind you have to hit with a was fun.
Ava and her cute little friend Halle opening presents.
The birthday cake made by grandma Terri