Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

So much has happened in the last few weeks and I havent blogged about any of it. Michael blessed Caysley in the relief socitey room after stake conference. We chose to do it that weekend because my sister and her family and Michael's sister and her family were in town from southern California to meet the newest addition to the family. We had a lot of fun visiting with them and our sweet little nephews. Here is a picture of Caysley on her blessing day.
Brycen and Kolbee loved holding their new baby cousin.
She can SMILE! I know there I am a little bias but I think her smile could possibly be THE cutest smile ever!
Michael is so funny. He loves the Moby wrap and he wears it around the house all the time but would never be seen with it on in public.
I got to have two days full of birthday celebration! My parents took me out to dinner the night before my birthday becuase Michael was supposed to go to school on my birthday. My parents gave me a really cool amber necklace with two bugs in it! I love it! After dinner my parents took the girls home and put them to bed and we got to go Chrismas shopping without kids! It was amazing! My parents are so great, they have always made birthdays feel so special, thanks guys! Michael took me to a cool Christmas tree farm in Paradise where you could cut down your own tree. It was a lot of fun. These donkeys followed us all around the tree farm, they were so cute! If you ever ask Ava where she wants to go she will say, "I want to go to the park." She loves the park so much. She loves the swing the most. She is scared to walk on the big play structure becuase she thinks she will fall through the holes.
We went bowling with Michael's family. Ava wasnt too sure about bowling at first but warmed up to the idea. I dont think she really understood what we were doing. She and I tied with 92 points but she had bumpers.
This kid makes me laugh every single day. The other day she told me she needed two "nandaids". I didnt ask why, I just gave them to her and walked away. A few minuates later she came to me like this with bandaids on all of her owies. These are totall Ava faces, she is too funny.