Thursday, 27 August 2009

All about Ava...

This post (like most) is really all about Ava. I look back at my pictures from the past few weeks and they are all of Ava so she is really all I have to blog about right now. She is a funny little girl with a spunky little personality, shes always on the go. We love her to is what she has been up to. We took a quick trip to our favorite little swimming hole with our friend Rhiannon. It turned out to be the perfect place for Ava. She hiked herself in and out. She would get tired of walking and sit right in the middle of the trail to play in the dirt and rest. When she wasn't sunbathing with Ree or playing in the water she was walking around making friends with people with picnics. She is always trying to mooch food off of anyone that is willing to give it to her. How do you teach a 20 month old that this is not okay? We brought our own picnic but apparently our food wasn't as good as all the other people's. She loves to make little nests out of laundry baskets to watch cartoons cute! She usually just puts a blanket in the bottom and sits on the blanket but this particular day she put down a blanket, got her little stool out to use as a table, put her monkey on the table, put her water on the table and finally she was able to sit down. She sat like this for a good 30 min. watching Monsters Inc (one of her favorites). We have been spending a lot of time getting things ready for the baby. Ava knows that its the baby's room and likes to go look at all of the baby's stuff. One day I was getting ready and I didn't know where Ava disappeared to. I walked around the house saying her name and she never answered me. I found her like this in the baby's room she didn't even budge when I went to see what she was doing. I wonder how she is going to adjust to having a new baby sister... First time roller skating! Kaylee had a birthday and we got to go to Cal Skate to celebrate! Olive was so nice to let Ava borrow her skates... and her mommy... and her aunt... and her Gigi. We had a great time, thanks Kaylee! Kaylee helping Ava out to the skating rink. Once they got her going she didn't want to stop...they were so sweet to keep going around with her.
Michael and I just got to sit back and watch, so fun!
Puppy torture. She still wont leave him alone but I think he feels the same way about her (most of the time).

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Meet Ava's puggle, Kikko

Ava couldnt wait to bring Kikki home and push him in her baby stroller, read to him, spin him around in her chair and show him around the house. She is a great mommy! I have said this before and I will say it again...I am not really an animal person. I like the idea of animals but I am not good at having animals. I think a big part of this is that I have always had bad asthma and I am allergic to them. But, we have been wanting a dog for a long time now and we finally found one that we absolutely love. He is a puggle- 1/2 pug and 1/2 beagle. He is awesome and the best part about him is that my asthma really hasn't bothered me since we got him. I saw an add in the digger for puggles and I was so excited because those are two of my favorite breeds of dogs. I think he will be the perfect dog for our family! Ava absolutely loves him. She thinks that she needs to hold him 24/7. She is her little baby and gets so jealous when anyone else is holding him. Because of this, he has been spending a lot of time in the laundry room.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


A few weeks ago we were talking to Greta about what she wanted for her birthday and she told us that she wanted a small animal like a hamster, guinea pig or rabbit. She had never had an animal before so we thought it would be fun to really get her one. We decided not to ask her parents because we didn't want the answer to be no. If they did say no after we gave it to her the animal could live at our house (luckily they let her keep it). Soo...this is her new bunny, Henry. A perfect first pet! Hes a nice little dwarf rabbit. Greta loves him...and so does Ava. He even lets Ava hold him!


For activity days I decided to take the girls on a quick 3/4 of a mile hike. Well, we took a few wrong turns and it ended up being triple what it was supposed to be and it turned into more of a mountain climb than a hike. The girls did so well and hardly complained a bit. Wendy was great...she tried so hard to be positive and teach the girls from our experience. When I told Wendy that I thought we needed to climb over this huge rock to get over to the good trail she looked at me like I was crazy but went along with it anyways. Coming down the right trail was a breeze. It would have been a really boring hike if we went up the right way so we were all glad that we took the more difficult route.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The month of JULY

We are having a really good summer and I haven't blogged in a month! What the heck happened? Where does time go? I am about 7 months along and I'm feeling quite large already. I think I look like I am about to pop already and I still have two months! We are so excited about the baby coming but I have yet to prepare for her arrival. I really haven't done a thing in preparation for her. Actually, I started cleaning out her room this weekend...that kind of counts for something, doesn't it? And the best part about having another girl around the same time Ava was born is that I really don't have to do a whole lot. I get to reuse all of Ava's cute clothes...yey! Heres what we have been up to in a nutshell... We went to visit my sister and her kids in San Pedro. We had a really good time. Ava finally discovered that her cousins Brycen and Kolbee are two different people! She fell in love with Brycen this time she picked on Kolbee a lot. She was quite jealous of him. The boys taught Ava how to play "light savers", transformers, and swords. She had a blast! I taught swim lessons for a few families in my ward. I use to be a life gaurd but I have never taught anyone to swim before. These cute boys were my first victims. I had a lot of fun learning as I went. All of the kids were so great and I really enjoyed doing it. Amanda, I hope you dont mind that I took this off your blog! We had some friends over to swim and a barbeque. These little girls played so cute together. I love watching Ava play with my friends kids that are her age. There are so many that are the same age, its a lot of fun. We have taken Ava to the Gauche Aquatic Park a few times and she loves it! She loves the water so this is the perfect place for her. A couple of my really good friends from high school happened to be in town for a weekend so we went out on the lake. It was a great little reunion. Just like old times but not really because this time I was pregnant with my second child. I really don't think that they are even close to thinking about kids yet. Have you ever wondered what its like to take a picture with a bunch of skinny girls in bikinis when you are 7 months pregnant? Yeah, not so much fun...needless to say I felt HUGE. I came real close to burning the house down. I bought a Yankee Candle for a bunko prize and left it in my car in the 110 degree weather and it melted into a weird shape. Instead of throwing the candle away I thought I could revive it because those things are expensive! So, I put the candle in some boiling water on the stove and I was going to melt it back into its original shape. Right when I put it on the stove a friend came over to swim so I went out to join her and completely forgot about the candle until I smelled it outside an HOUR later. When I went inside I found this so I snapped a quick picture so I could show Michael what I had done. Then I had a great idea! I decided to fill up a huge glass of water and pour it on the fire not thinking that wax is OIL and water on an oil fire makes it 100 times worse. So, anyways...a lesson well learned. Oil fires need to be smothered so all I had to do was put the lid on it. And no, I did not think about that myself I had to run outside to ask how to put a fire out. Last week we had the opportunity to go up to Tahoe with some family. We caught Ava and Brycen snuggling on the couch watching t.v. I had to take a picture, they looked so cute! We hiked down to Emerald Bay and had a quick tour of Vikingsholm castle with 5 kids under 4, 6 adults and a pregnant woman. People thought we were crazy but we managed. The kids had a fun time playing at the beach. This stick and all the sand kept Ava busy for a long time. Ava was much happier playing in the sand. She didnt want anything to do with our family picture. Michael was such a trooper. He hiked a lot of the way down with two kids, I was impressed!