Saturday, 25 April 2009

Oh, my...

Some days I really do think that I am about to go crazy. Today is just one of those days. This morning I decided that I needed to wash our chenille throw blanket we received as a wedding gift, bad idea. The blanket was my favorite it had pretty tassels and we keep on the back of the love seat. I took it out of the washing machine and the pretty tassels were not so pretty anymore- I knew it was ruined but I thought if I put it in the dryer it might fix it...another bad idea. I opened up the dryer to get it out and the dryer was filled with fluffy lint. I decided to take the blanket into the living room to cut the tassels off. While I was cutting the tassels off I could hear Ava running around from the laundry room, to the kitchen, to her bedroom, to my bedroom and to the guest room but I didn't look to see what she was doing. I finally got up to check on her and realized that she was taking the fluffy lint from the dryer to every room in the house. I laughed a little, got out the vacuum and started cleaning up the lint from the laundry room and her room. While I was doing that I thought Ava was watching t.v. but when I went into the kitchen to check on her she was holding a measuring cup and there were potato pearls everywhere. I just looked at her and she had THE biggest smile on her face. She gasped and said, "ohhh no!" I didn't think her mess was quite as funny this time.
Funny girl. This time she got out the broom to help me clean up.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


All three and a quarter of us on Easter.
Dyeing the eggs with a one year old proved to be much harder then we had expected. We let her help for about five minutes then decided it would probably be best if we just put her down for a nap and did it ourselves. We spent Easter in Oroville with my family. We went to my grandparents house for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. The Easter egg hunt was just up Ava's alley because she loves to collect things. Before Easter she would walk all around the house with her Easter basket putting random things in it. She knew just what to do and didn't want any help.

Swim season is finally here!

My little water baby
She thinks she is a big kid...she also thinks its so funny to splash people.
All of the little kids love aunt Greta and love to play with aunt Greta, lucky girl. She is so good with Ava and Ava adores her. In the pool the other day I was trying to play with Ava but she only wanted Greta to play with her. I was trying to take a picture of her in her itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini but she wouldn't even look at me because she was too busy staring down Greta and her friend. Ava got out of the pool, walked over where Greta and Avery were playing and stared slapping her leg yelling, "Come on Greta!!" (like you would do if you wanted a dog to come to you.) It was hilarious, I wish I would have got it on camera.

Table Mtn.

It is so nice to be outside in this beautiful weather. I love it!!! We went up to table Mountain to look at the wildflowers. Ava was more interested in the cow poop than the flowers, what a little lady shes turning out to be.
Daddy running to catch up

Trip to L.A.

A few weeks ago Ava and I got to go visit my sister in Southern California with my parents and grandparents. We went down with my grandparents and mom in my grandparents R.V. The plan was to leave Gridley at 4:30am and arrive around noonish. After a few technical difficulties plans changed and it ended up being a much longer trip then expected. We finally arrived at my sisters house around 8:30pm. Ava was THE BEST traveler ever. She was so happy the whole trip she was so excited to finally get to see her cousins.
She was so excited!
Then she became exhausted from her long trip.
We celebrated my mom's birthday down there. My sister ordered her a special cake from a gluten free bakery. We went to a fish market. Ava kept saying "touch it" because she wanted to touch all the dead fish (I didn't let her). I told my sister to pick up a fish so I could take a picture for her four year old. She would only touch it if it was wrapped with a plastic bag. One of my best childhood friends lives in the same town as my sister. It was so fun getting to see her. She took me out on a date, sushi and frozen yougert. I sure do miss her! And we watched the sunset together over the ocean. How romantic. Checking out the fish at the aquarium/kid museum.
Ava and Kolbee looking at the sharks teeth. The kids got to dress up as sea creatures and watch themselfs on a T.V. screen.
At the Santa Moncia boardwalk- it was very windy! Ava didn't want to go on any of the rides. Who's kid is she, really? Maybe next year.