Friday, 27 February 2009

Little squeaker

I don't know why I still take videos this way, sorry I still haven't figured out how to flip them. This video is of Ava in her favorite pair of shoes, her squeakers. I love these shoes because they are fun (and I can take the squeaker out) and they are nice because when she is wearing them I always know where she is. She loves kitty's and is constantly meowing...she even meows herself to sleep every night. This video isn't too exciting but it shows her squeakers, her love for kitty's, and how busy she is- listen carefully for the squeaks! Last night, Michael was working on some homework and he wanted Ava to color with him while he did it. He taped down her paper, got her chair all set up on phone books on the bench and gave her some crayons. She colored for about one minute and then she thought it would be funny to eat the crayons. She really thinks its funny when she does things she knows she is not supposed to, she really likes to push or buttons. I told her if she put the crayon in her mouth again she was going to go ni-night. She put the crayon in her mouth then looked at me and said, "ni-night!" Maybe she just really wanted to go to bed.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Daddy's are so much fun!

We love Thursdays because that is the only day Michael gets to come home semi early. Today he came home with car washing supplies to clean our filthy cars, I was so excited! After dinner he changed Ava's diaper and she came out wearing a swimsuit and sandals, heading straight for the door. This is how she spent the rest of the car cleaning...trapped in the back of the car with lots of toys to play with, she was definitely not a fan. Since we are talking about Ava's fun daddy, here is my cute little hubby on Valentines day. We have never been out on Valentines day we just like to stay home and make seafood. On Saturday we went to the farmers market and bought some butternut squash to go with our dinner. If you have never had butternut squash I highly recommend it.... yum!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Coming this October...

Yep, it's true...we are pregnant! We are only about five weeks along and we just found out a few days ago but we just couldn't keep it a secret. We are so excited!! I love digital tests they are amazing and surprisingly they don't cost any more than regular tests. Happy birthday to Michael!
My Abey Baby is 26 today!
Today was Michael's 26th birthday! Michael was in class all day today so we celebrated his birthday tonight with family at his favorite restaurant, 5th Street Steak House in Chico. Dinner was delicious! We came home for cake and ice cream with everyone and we wanted to tell them all at the same time that we were pregnant so we put Ava in a shirt that said, "Im going to be a big sister!" with shoes that squeeked so everyone would pay attention to her. Everyone was too busy focusing on her shoes and didnt notice what her shirt said at was a fun night.