Sunday, 21 December 2008

Go Pups!

The last few weeks I have been spending much of my time coaching basketball games and practices. This weekend my basketball team hosted the Kiwanis tournament at Sycamore school and last weekend we played in the Tierra Buena tournament in Yuba City. Last weekend the girls placed fourth out of four and Tierra Buena ended up winning their tournament. This weekend we had three games, one on Friday and two on Saturday. They beat the first team by quite a bit and the second game we won by two points and we ended up beating Tierra Buena (the team that won the last tournament we played in) the championship game by three points. Here they are receiving their well deserved trophy. The girls played hard...they were down by fourteen points at one point of the game but they didn't give up. This was the first time that Sycamore (boys or girls) have ever won their Kiwanis tournament. They were so excited that they got to add a trophy to the schools trophy case.
Waiting to find out who they chose for MVP and all tourney...
Recieving all tourney and MVP awards
All of their hard work paid off! I was so proud of these girls, this was definitely the highlight of my short little coaching career. I've grown so attached to some of these girls after being able to coach them the last two years. Its so fun to watch each one grow and learn. They have made me want to go back to school to follow through with my original teaching career plan. Even though they have occasional silly teen girl drama, they are such a fun group of girls and I really do enjoy them...go Bullpups!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Ava's first birthday bash

I just can't believe that she has been here with us for a whole year now. Its so weird because it seems like she was just born yesterday but at the same time I have a hard time remembering married life without her. What a sweet little blessing she is, we love her to peices. Today is her first birthday!
-Flash back-
Ava was born at 2:15 pm on Saturday December 8th weighing 8 lbs 8oz and she was 20 inches long. Here she was just a few minutes old Her first outfit, I was so excited to see her in all of her cute little clothes.
We didn't get the "don't cut your newborns nails until they are hard enough to cut" memo. That probably explains why she hates getting her nails clipped.
PARTY! Last night Ava had her first birthday party with all of her grandparents, two cousins, three great grandmas and great grandpa, two aunts and three uncles. It was a lot of people for our small house but it was a lot of fun. We had a Mexican theme so my mom made enchiladas, Michael's mom made salsa, my grandma made chili rellenos, Michael made his Dominican rice and beans. The food was delicious! My mom also made Ava a really cute teddy bear princess cake that I forgot to take pictures of! I am so mad at myself! She also made Ava her very own little cake that she loved! Here she is in her play room waiting for her guests to arrive Opening her presents. She got snowman that lights up, sings and of her favorites. Another one of her favorites, a princess book that sings. Meet Viola. We started working on Viola about a month ago and she was finally finished Friday night (I really only worked on her about 5 times the whole month). She was delicately and thoughtfully crafted so she could be beaten to smithereens! Poor Viola, look at that sweet face! Getting stuffed with lots of good candy. Viola on her death bed. And of course we can't foget the cake! She didn't quite know how to blow the candle out so daddy had to help her. She knew just what to do with her cake! And the finished product- a dirty tired baby. Daddy let her run around in her birthday suit after the cake while he was getting the bath ready, she loved it! WE LOVE YOU PRINCESS, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Shoe fetish

This little girl loves shoes. If we leave our shoes by the door she takes them by the laces, throws them over her shoulder and carries them all around the house. Just recently, she has liked picking out shoes for herself. Today, she thought that her black patten leather shoes would go nicely with her argyle sweater vest and jeans. She brought them to me and wouldn't leave me alone until I put them on her. After I put them on she was so happy and couldn't stop looking at them as she walked around the house.