Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Lately every time the phone rings she will stop what she is doing and say, "Uhh-Ohh" with a funny look on her face. Today I wanted to catch her on camera doing it so I called home with my cell phone. Maybe this is a sign that she won't like talking on the phone when she gets older? Notice how she throws the phone off her highchair.
Ava has always been vocal in a language only she can understand. Lately she has started saysin some new words and she has quite the vocabulary for a 11 month old. It always amazes me when she says a new word. These are some words she is saying these days...
  • mama
  • dada
  • hi
  • bed
  • eye
  • "boo" (book)
  • "nana" (banana)
  • "pee" (please)
  • up
  • dog
  • meow
  • oww
  • "ree" (read)
  • shoe
  • woof
  • "jew" juice
  • cheese
  • more
  • ball
Toady she said mommy for the first time!

Sunday, 16 November 2008


This really should be about five separate posts but I'm lazy and I am just going to combine them... Last week my dad came over and brought a dump truck load of gravel for our driveway. Ava, Brycen and Kolbee were so excited about it and played in it for about an hour. Ava would not let me hold her she only wanted to roll around in the gravel. She is the dirtyiest little baby...she cant walk around outside because she always heads straight for the dirt and it always ends up in her mouth. My mom has lots of pictures of me outside covered in mud and eating dirt. She just let me play, maybe I should let her eat it so she can see for herself that it really doesn't taste good.
She is obsessed with the kitty who really doesnt mind being tortured.
The other day I was trying to give her an orange in her highchair and she kept spitting at me. Spitting is her new favorite thing to do (thank you aunt Celeste for teaching her how:)
I just love her.
Running out of the rain. I got her this raincoat at Old Navy last year at the end of the season...it was only two dollars! I love bargin shopping! This picutre was from my activity days Halloween party and I just had to post it. Its too funny to not get recognized on my blog. And here we are on Halloween. Michael was a good sport and dressed up as a card with me. He was so excited to be a skeleton but I didn't want to be a card by myself, thanks sweetie!

Saturday, 8 November 2008


We spent the day cleaning out the barn. This was probably THE dirtiest and nastiest thing I have ever done in my entire life but it was totally worth it. Some of our treasures included: a cat skull, cat spine, a chicken nest with eggs, an oven full of rat nests and lots of other rat nests, black widow spiders, lots of walnut shells shells the critters drug in. All in all- it was a fun day. The barn is big with four sections and before we moved in it was full (and I mean full) of garbage...seriously not one useful thing. How does one accumulate so much crap?! We cleaned out the other sections of the barn a while back, we were putting this one off because it was sooo gross.
Voila-the finished product...who knew it was a concrete floor?!?!
One happy Michael...he is excited to start doing woodworking projects out there. Wet and Dirty and ohh so happy to be DONE!