Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ava is six months old!

So, I've been's been about three and a half weeks since I've posted anything and so much has happened I don't know how to catch up. Here is what we have been up to. #1 Michael is going back to school so we don't get to see him too much. We like it when he has training for work because we get to stay down in Sacramento with him and do fun things. Two weeks ago we had a special treat, Billy and Tanya were in town so Michael's family met us down at was a lot of fun! #2 We finished the pool! Our goal was to have it finished by June and we made it! It really looks good! #3 Michael took a day off and we too Ava to six flags with my mom, my two cousins and Greta. On the way there we stopped at the Jelly Belly factory. The kids got to take a tour of the factory while we shopped around downstairs. Michael spun a wheel and had to eat a skunk spray jelly was disgusting. His breath really smelled like skunk spray so I made him eat some toothpaste jelly beans to make his breath less stinky. Six Flags was fun! On the way down we were talking about roller coasters and discovered that all of the kids were scared of them. My mom, Michael and I were a little bit disappointed because we were really excited about going on them...after babysitting the baby while we went on the first ride they decided that they would give it a whirl and were bragging to everyone that they went on a roller coaster when they got home. #4 We have discovered that Ava LOVES the water. She thinks it's so funny when people splash, it's really cute. She also loves going out on grandma and grandpa's houseboat but doesn't appreciate the life vest grandma makes her wear on the ride out to the boat. #5 Tracie got married! We are so happy for her! We got mixed up on the time and ended up getting to the temple three and a half hours late...luckily Tracie was very understanding and she wasn't too mad. Anyways, there are a few highlights from the past few weeks. I'm not going to wait so long to post next time!