Thursday, 22 May 2008


. Okay, so I'm really not a huge fan of animals but I just witnessed a very sad thing outside my office window and I thought I would share. I was cleaning out the closet in the office and looked out the window because I wanted to see the crazy wind. Right when I looked out the window two baby birds fell from the palm tree. I ran outside and one seemed to be okay and the other had died (dead bird not pictured). I was trying to think of something I could do to save the little guy that survived the fall and ran inside to look up... umm I guess someone else to save him. When I looked back out the window he was laying down so I went back out to see him and he had died!! This was really a very sad experience for me, thats big for someone who doesn't like animals, right? So this experience reminded me of something else that happened a few days ago. I was babysitting my nephews and took them over to play with Helaman (he has all the fun toys!) So As soon as they got to Jinny's house I noticed that they were all huddled over by the bushes so I went over to see what they were looking at. It was a dead baby possum. Brycen said, "awww cute!" Helaman said, "Look Tara, he's resting."Jinny was brave and scooped him up and threw him in the orchard. Side note- I don't know why I decided that all the dead things I'm talking about are male. Jinny Rinsed off in the pool afterwards.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Endless Projects

Our latest project around the house has been the pool. We didn't really know if it was fixable because it hasn't been kept up for about ten years but we decided to call the pool guy to see what we needed to do to get it going again. The first step was to pressure wash to get all the built up gunk off. I actually really enjoyed doing was fun to see an immediate improvement. Pressure washing took all week (it could have taken less time but the only time I could do it was when Ava was napping) and Michael spent a few more hours finishing it off on Saturday. I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I did but he was a good sport about it. A few more steps and we hope to have the pool up and running again in about a month!

Big Girl!

Ava is so in to her big cousins these days. She thinks it's the greatest thing in the world when they play with her. When they aren't playing with her she just likes to sit and watch them play. Brycen is so sweet to her...he loves to play with her and hold her. He always makes sure she has a blanket, binki and a toy to play with. On mothers day we were all at my sister Celeste's house and Brycen brought his Spiderman couch out for her to sit on while ate brunch and covered her up with his Spiderman blanket. Kolbee also kept her entertained with his tractors. He took away all of her girly toys and brought her lots of tractors to play with.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sacramento ZOO

Michael has to go to Sacramento often for work training and Ava and I like to join him. Michaels training starts at 9:00am and check in to the hotel wasn't until 12:00pm so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. I thought it would only really be fun for me because I haven't been to the zoo for years but Ava also had fun! We got to the zoo right when it opened so we almost had the whole zoo to ourselves for the first little bit, it was really nice not having to dodge all of the kids on field trips that showed up later in the day. Ava's favorite animals were the flamingos, she thought they were really funny. I wish I would have taken a video of her looking at them. My favorite animals were of course all of the apes and monkeys...I've always thought it would be really fun to have a pet monkey:).