Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Feather Falls

Saturday we went hiking up to Feather Falls. It was beautiful, everything about it was beautiful. The dogwoods were blooming, the wild flowers were out, the baby was happy, the weather was PERFECT, and the company was great.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Park

Yesterday we finally finished fixing the fence that blew over in the big storm in January (we=Michael and his dad). We have been planting pretty plants inside the pool fence getting ready for the summer. The next step is getting the pool ready...we dont know exactly what we need to do to make it functional but we plan on doing it so we can stay cool this summer. The ultimate goal is to teach swim lessons in it...we'll see if it really happens:). Anyway, after we finished with all of that stuff we got to take Ava to the park for the first time! It was a lot of fun, she loved sitting in the swing and watcing the older kids play. She also liked to be pushed but it was still a little bit scary.

Look Who's Sitting Up!!

She's getting sooo big and growing way too fast! It's so fun to watch them grow and do new things every day. Ava's latest is sitting up all by herself. She can't do it for very long, after a while she tips over but shes trying so hard.

Ava and friends

Ava and Halle finally got to see eachother again...the last time they were both pretty new. I thought this picture was funny because they were both making the same face. I try to get good pictures of Ava with her cousin often but its hard to get them to both cooperate so this one turned out to be my makes me laugh.

Ava's first snow trip

We finally got to take Ava to one of our favorite places, Tahoe! We had so much fun shopping around the new Northstar village and hanging out with family at the cabin. Michael and I even got to leave Ava to go out to dinner at my favorite Italian restraunt in Kings Beach called Lanzas, it was delicious!
The cabin was packed with 18 people... it was great. We got to visit with a lot of my cousins that we dont get to see very much anymore and they finally got to meet Ava, it was a real treat.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Happy Easter!

Ava had a very happy Easter first at grandma Maggie's house where she helped me find Easter Eggs then at Grandma Cay's house in Oroville where we watched all the kids search for eggs. Ava loves to be held so she was so happy all day with everyone around so willing to hold her.